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HEI & NetCarrier Reduce Your Phone Bill With VOIP & Internet
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You know the little guy’s right of course. All he wanted was that piece of cheese the same as all we wanted was a simple way to communicate with our customers and colleagues. He didn’t plan on someone staking out the territory and then telling him, “Sorry you don’t like our service, but we’ve got you by the tail pal.” Now I doubt that he’s been told that directly, but I’d say it’s implied. And I’ll bet you can sympathize with our little friend if you’ve ever had trouble with your phone or internet.
If you have, then this might be a good time to introduce myself. I’m Bill and I am NOT from the government, but I AM here to he’p – if I can. Hoover Enterprises and our big brother, NetCarrier, can give you an alternative to those high pressure, pushy telecom sales people with the tech support that tries to make you feel dumber than two scoops of dirt. Now, just so you don’t have to feel like they’ve got your tail in a sling anymore, we‘ll git you:
Crystal clear VOIP Polycom phone systems 
A fully converged (smooshed together) phone/computer system
Cloud base PBX so you’ll never lose a call
“Lease to Own” Polycom network equipment option
Flexible plans that’ll suit your business needs and budget
Guaranteed, in writing, Quality of Service performance
Single point of contact answered by a real person from our company in the United States
Installation, training and even network cabling (if ya’ll need cablin’)
Now I said I was gonna try and he’p so I’ll give you a FREE - that’s right I said it - FREE analysis of your current phone/internet bill with an apples to apples comparison showin’ what we can do for you. All you gotta do is send me a copy your current one and I’ll email or fax the analysis back. This way you’ll know if you’re being charged too much or paying for services you don’t use. Think of it as a FREE audit. Now isn’t that simple?  
Oh I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah he’s gonna gimme somethin’ that starts out cheap and then kick the price up if I really want it to work”. Well you’re wrong! You couldn’t be more wrong if you put your shoes on and went to school to study How to Be Wrong. We’ll show you your monthly charges as well as a breakdown of taxes. Now ponder on this a minute. It’s a real possibility that this economy is most likely causing the best business phone system deals you ever saw. Also consider that we’ve worked pretty dadgum hard to git you modern systems that’ll last till you wear ‘em out.
Now neither one of us has time to waste hemming and hawing around so just send your current bill over and I’ll send the analysis back. We can talk about it later IF I can save you money and YOU call ME.  

Email: whoover@hooverenterprises.comFax: 805-253-7002

Thank ya kindly,